covering one minute of the film 'groundhog day' every friday, but sometimes having to include bonus episodes so progress will be slow and deliberate. exploring topics related to philosophy, filmmaking, religion, and the meaning of life, this show used to be part of an existential trilogy, but that no longer.

First Episodes

a conversation with screenwriter danny rubin

from concept to screenplay to film to musical, i talk to danny rubin about his career, time loops, and life. time loop of the week: palm springs. #groundhogday

people are not here for the weather

what ifs, talking about groundhog day over and over again, working the bluescreen, lying about the weather, stephen tobolowsky, and classifying time loops. time loo...

he's not even worth a joke

the science behind groundhog day, combativeness at work, and the late willie garson. time loops of the week: premature, primer, infinity man guest: bubbawheat (i...

as good as the last time i saw it

groundhog day jokes, bill murray becoming a better person, jarring cuts, rita as rookie vs the original script, pg rating guidelines, tim vine, peter kay, deadpool, an...

movies are always wrong about that

driving to punxsutawney, imdb goofs being wrong, and how casting bill murray changed the story setup. time loop of the week: twilight zone - "shadow play" guest:...

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